Deep East Texas avoids deep freeze

DEEP EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - While a good portion of Texas had a rough night on the roads, the Deep East Texas area avoided a deep freeze.

No counties in Deep East Texas reported major wrecks overnight. KTRE Chief Meteorologist said most of the condensation on the roads had evaporated, leaving the roads dry in the freezing temperatures.

"Temperatures never got above freezing yesterday," Hlozek said. "But there was just no water on the roads last night."

Just north of the area, however, had some serious problems.

A good portion of I-20, between Van Zandt and Kaufman counties was frozen with a sheet of ice on the eastbound side of the road. One Tyler man said it took him eight hours to travel from Dallas to Tyler. The road was never closed, but multiple wrecks kept cleanup crews busy and shut down traffic.