An Accident Kills Teenager, 2-month-old Baby Life-flighted

by Jessica Cervantez

A two-month-old baby girl was life-flighted to a Dallas hospital after she was ejected from a car during an accident in Nacogdoches County. The accident killed the baby's 16-year-old mother. Police have arrested the driver, who they say had been drinking.

The accident happened on Press Road about 9 p.m. Police say 18-year-old Martin Cruz lost control of the car and hit a utility pole.

A two-month-old baby girl was ejected from the car and thrown about 25 feet.

"I saw the baby and it was out in the field covered with ants and crying," said Juanita Smith, a witness.

Investigators did find a car seat inside the vehicle, but they do not know if the baby was in it or if she was properly secure. The baby was taken to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital and then life-flighted to a Dallas hospital. There is no word yet on her condition.

When witnesses arrived at the scene they found the baby's mother, 16-year-old Anna Isabelle Cruz Garcia, pinned inside the car.

"I was afraid to get close to them because the car was so twisted," Smith said. "I just tried to tell her to be still, but I do not think she could understand. The woman kept trying to wiggle around."

Emergency workers finally got the baby's mother out and took her to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, but she later died.

Police say the driver of the car, Martin Cruz, has been charged with one count of intoxicated manslaughter and one count of intoxicated assault.