Blood donor centers in the North, Central and East Texas closed

NEWS RELEASE (KTRE) - All Carter BloodCare donor centers in the North, Central and East Texas are closed.

Because of the inclement weather last week, we lost almost four days of blood collections due to drive cancellations and donor center closures.  Carter BloodCare must see at least 1,100 donors a day to meet community needs in North, Central and East Texas.

We were able to meet the immediate patient needs with the help of statewide and nationwide community blood centers with whom Carter BloodCare has forged strong relationships.  This type of arrangement is not sustainable over a long period of time.  A community blood center relies on local volunteer blood donors.

When the weather clears, we are encouraging donors to ask a friend or family member to give blood this week at a community blood drive or a donor center near them.  To make an appointment to give blood, go to