SFA students march to show support for Egypt activism

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  The Egyptian fight for reform is firing up activism at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Vice President of SFA's Amnesty International chapter, Lauren Carey, marched to make others aware that basic human rights like free speech don't come easy in other parts of the world.

"Just to realize as safe as it is in the US - its not safe like that everywhere," said Carey.

"Walking the rain is nothing compared to what people in Egypt are dealing with now," said Luka Waita, Student.

Zachery Collins says a Facebook invite tipped him off to the march.

"I think the Internet is a big part of it, guess you could it a revolution in Egypt," said Collins.

Online social networking helped young Egyptians spread the word about their protests just like it did here at SFA.

"It gives them a lot of power because one small person can reach a lot of people without a lot of effort," said Collins.

However, access to the internet is being threatened in Egypt.

"What we learned in political science is that the easiest way to gain control is to repress, repress, repress... we've already seen that Facebook and Twitter - social networking programs have been taken away. We're afraid that's going to lead to police brutality or detainment," said Carey.

Which is why they march...

The group of students, although small in numbers, believed their show of solidarity enlightened the campus and the community to the events going on in Egypt.

"Helps them know they need to be informed about this type of stuff. This is huge. A whole country going against their government," said Collins.

Students hope their actions inspire others, like the activism in Egypt is inspiring them.

"The movement was fueled by young people most of them college students... shows that we're still active in the process and we're apart of the movement," said Waita.

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