Angelina road, city crews prepare for next storm

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Loaded up and ready to go, road crews are taking no chances.

"Last week was the pre-game, we got our game faces on for this week," said Huntington City Manager Bruce Milstead.

Huntington workers load up their dump truck with gravel, just in case.

"Being in Deep East Texas, we're not as used to snow and ice, so we do have some rock and some sand available and we've got our chainsaws all gassed up, so if worse comes to worse, we will be able to get our emergency response vehicles to someone who needs it," said Milstead.

Lufkin is no different. The street department director, Steve Poskey, said they're watching the weather closely and will be on-call preparing for whatever blows their way.

"Once we get the calls, we'll go out and actually put gravel on the roads and mostly bridges," said Poskey.

The street department has sand spreaders on the ends of their trucks so the workers can stay in the truck while they spread the sand and gravel mixture on the bridges and overpasses. However, if the sidewalks freeze, they'll have to get out and do it by hand.

They have one truck ready to go and another will probably be loaded up.

It's the same story over at TxDOT because it's better safe than sorry.

"Everybody is right back here and you can't ever figure out what mother nature is going to do, so you just always try to stay prepared," said TxDOT spokesperson Kathi White.

The Lufkin TxDOT district office covers a nine-county area, so their only option is to be prepared.

"What they've done this week, after last week's episodes, is they've been out trying to repair any potholes that occurred during that time," said White.

There are crews on standby through the night and equipment with full tanks ready to go.

"Prepare for the worst, hope for the best," said Milstead.

If road conditions deteriorate, TxDOT warns against getting out at all. Bridges and overpasses will be the first to freeze over.

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