Blackout hits Northeast...Al-Qaida figure in custody...U-N welcomes Iraqis

Undated-AP -- Some major cities are out of power, with outages extending into Canada. Initial blackout reports came from the New York City area, and have extended into cities including Detroit and Cleveland. A New York emergency management official says they "have no idea how extensive" the blackout is.

(New York) -- A major power outage is affecting buildings in New York City like the United Nations and the New York Stock Exchange. The blackout is affecting subways, elevators and airports, including J-F-K and LaGuardia airports. Thousands of people are streaming into the streets of lower Manhattan in 90-degree heat.(San Diego-AP) -- President Bush says a "known killer" and close associate of a nine-eleven mastermind is now in U-S custody. The man known as Hambali is said to be al-Qaida's chief representative in Southeast Asia. Speaking at a naval airfield near San Diego, Bush says the capture shows the U-S is "making progress" against al-Qaida.(United Nations-AP) -- The U-N has formally endorsed the Iraqi Governing Council. The Security Council voted 14-to-nothing to welcome the council and create a mission to help rebuild and establish democracy in Iraq. Only Syria abstained from the vote -- saying it'll wait to endorse an elected government in Iraq.(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) -- A Shiite Muslim group wants U-S troops out of a Baghdad neighborhood within 24 hours. That's after American soldiers fired on thousands of protesters there yesterday -- killing at least one of them. The U-S military says it "deeply regrets" the mistake.(Monrovia, Liberia-AP) -- Tens of thousands of people are cheering in the streets of Liberia's capital. American troops and West African peacekeepers have replaced rebels who'd held Monrovia under siege. One Liberian man says "today maybe peace will begin."(Tripoli, Libya-AP) -- Libya has agreed to pay two-point-seven (b) billion dollars to families of the 270 victims in the 1988 Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. But the country's foreign minister says there's a catch: the U-S must drop sanctions and take Libya off a list of terror-supporting countries. Otherwise, that payment will be cut in half.(Montgomery, Alabama-AP) -- Alabama's chief justice says he'll defy a federal order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building. A federal judge ruled the 53-hundred pound slab unconstitutionally promotes religion. But Chief Justice Roy Moore says he'll ask the U-S Supreme Court to block the order.(Sacramento-AP) -- The top candidates vying to replace California's governor will get a chance to debate one another on T-V. Two debates are set, in L-A and Sacramento. Organizers say top contenders from among the 135 candidates will be invited -- but there's no word yet on who that includes.(New York-AP) -- Stocks ended slightly higher on a quiet summer day on Wall Street. Cautious investors drove the Dow Jones industrials up 38 points. The Nasdaq composite rose almost 14 points, with the S-and-P 500 index up six Lauren Frayer

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