Hudson High School student undergoes 2nd brain surgery

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) – Students in Hudson are rallying behind classmate Macy Rhodes who underwent brain surgery for the second time in the past year.

Macy suffers from severe Epileptic seizures, their origin is unknown.  According to high school counselor Belisa Haas, Macy, a junior, was first thought to have had a brain tumor, but doctors have ruled that out and have no diagnosis for the seizures that have left her homebound this school year.

Those who know her say Macy is a bright spot on the Hudson High School campus.  Her positive impact was evident Tuesday as students donned "Team Macy" bracelets and t-shirts to show their support for this band member and softball player.

"For me it has been a blessing.  I can't tell you the feeling you get when you see high school kids who you know work hard for their money and they come up and they want to give you money and they don't want four bracelets, they give you enough money for four but they only want one and so you know that they're giving from their hearts," Haas said.

Haas said it's not certain how this latest brain surgery will affect Macy.  She said some possible effects could be loss of the ability to make new memories and Macy may lose some of her abilities as a musician.  Haas said Macy has a strong belief in God and said she was ready to face the surgery and any new challenges.

Hudson ISD is also rallying around Macy's three younger sisters.  Haas said the support has been widespread with students, student organizations, staff, churches and the local community helping.

Haas said she ordered 600 "Team Macy" bracelets to sell for five dollars each and quickly realized that wasn't enough.  She has a list of supporters waiting on the new order.  Macy's family is also selling t-shirts for ten dollars each to help with expenses.  Friends said, as anyone might imagine, this has put an enormous strain on her family both emotionally and financially.

Because of the debilitating nature of the seizures, Macy has been taught at home this school year.  Macy and her parents have set up a fan page on Facebook to keep followers updated on her progress.

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