Jack of the Week: Alina Shazhko

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES (KTRE) – Alina Shazhko is very unique and comes to the oldest town in Texas from Ukraine.  Future bio chemist can blast the tennis ball with some serious force.

"I have never been to America before and it was like a completely different world.  It was hard I didn't know anybody here, I missed my family and I didn't know English very well.  So with time I just got use to it.  I like the school a lot and the girls on the team and the coach and everyone was nice.  So it helped to get comfortable here," Shazhko said.

Shazhko, very shy takes the teams 5-0 start all in stride and feels strongly about the team's success so far.

"It was exciting to be named conference player of the week but I think every girl on the team deserved it.  It just happened that it was me because we all worked hard this semester and last semester," Shazhko said.

1st year SFA tennis coach Patrick Sullivan sings the praises for Shazhko.

"It's really an unusual situation that you have your best player and that player is also your best kid.  It's really unusual that you have someone who has a 3.8 GPA in bio chemistry and is probably the best player in the conference.  When you take over a team that hasn't had a winning season in awhile you don't expect to have a superstar caliber athlete and a great kid.  It's really nice to have someone to take some of the burden off my shoulders and being able to rely on someone like that," Sullivan said.

Shazhko, just a junior has one more year to tear up the tennis courts in East Texas.  Alina Shazhko is your jack of the week.

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