Lufkin police investigating hospital report of drugged one year-old

Cpl. Trent Sobolewski, LPD
Cpl. Trent Sobolewski, LPD
E.R. Nurse Practitioner Jeremy Belschner
E.R. Nurse Practitioner Jeremy Belschner

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Lufkin police are investigating a local hospital's report that a one-year-old patient had allegedly been exposed to dangerous drugs.

Doctors and nurses are considered mandatory reporters of child abuse under Texas state law. That means if they believe abuse or neglect has happened or happening they have to report it within 48 hours to law enforcement.

Around seven on Saturday morning , LPD got one of those calls.

"Local hospital called and advised they had a child in that was brought in under suspicious circumstances so we sent an officer to investigate," said Corporal Trent Sobolewski.

Emergency Room staff at Memorial Hospital we're concerned with the condition of a one-year-old patient taken in by his mother, Julia Goodwin, 30 of Lufkin.

"The child was awake and breathing on its own, but wasn't real responsive," said Sobolewski.

Standard drug tests indicated the baby had ingested a dangerous drug, possibly PCP.

"Things found on the drug screen that are also used in illicit drugs," said Sobolewski.

Anytime a child is taken to the E.R., the doctors and nurses who work there say looking for signs of abuse of neglect is always in the back of their mind.

"We look for are things like suspicious bruises in various stages of healing... Bruises on their back, their legs," said Jeremy Belschner, E.R. Nurse Practitioner at Memorial Hospital.

Belschner says they also listen for inconsistencies between the child's injury and the story behind it.

"If they say they've fallen down in their ankle, but you look at their leg and they have a big spiral fracture all the way around their leg. A spiral fracture is usually indicative of a twisting injury," said Belschner.

Sobolewski says Lufkin hospitals are good about reporting alleged abuse quickly.

"As soon as there's anything that's pointing in that direction, we need to get involved. For nothing else but the safety of the child," said Sobolewski.

LPD's investigation into the allegedly drugged one-year-old baby is ongoing.

"Criminal investigation division is doing a follow-up. They will be working with Child Protective Services as well," said Sobolewski.

No arrests in this case have been made. According to Lufkin police, the baby was transported by air to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston for further treatment.

The current condition of the baby is unknown.

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