Spend on maintenance, save on gas, Lufkin expert says

Blake Cook
Blake Cook
Keith Yarbrough
Keith Yarbrough

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Truck driver Keith Yarbrough hauls metal round-trip from Nacogdoches to Huntsville five times a week. His company pays every time gas prices rise.

"With the gas prices going up we don't get raises very often," Yarbrough said.

Since you can't control the cost of gas, Yarbrough says keeping up with your vehicle may be your best bet.

"Change your fuel filters, make sure the oil is kept up with, stuff like that," he said.

Auto experts emphasize routine maintenance as key to saving at the pump especially if the prices keep going up.

"Anything that keeps your engine running properly," said Blake Cook, service manager at Cook Tire Company.

Cook says low tire pressure will affect your wallet at the pump.

"It gives you more rolling resistance so the tires don't run on the highway nearly as well," Cook said. "So the engine has to work harder to turn the tire over."

Hard-working engines use more gas. Changing out your air filter reduces its workload.

"You don't want your engine to be getting dirty air," Cook said. "It will run less efficient. So, by changing air filters out regularly it doesn't get clogged up and it gets fresh air."

Cook says fuel injector services are gaining popularity.

"They used to not be because it's kind of an expensive service to do, but ever since gas has been going up we have researched a lot of things that improve fuel economy," Cook said.

As for Yarbrough, he says he does his part by maintaining his truck, but hopes gas prices take a turn in the other direction.

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