Suddenlink upgrading cable service in Nacogdoches

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - Suddenlink Communications press release

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (March 2, 2011) – Suddenlink announced today that it is continuing to upgrade technology in Nacogdoches as part of a larger, three-year, companywide program that calls for approximately $350 million of capital investments above and beyond the company's traditional capital spending levels.

That program already has brought more high-definition (HD) TV channels and faster internet speeds.

The current stage of the local work will facilitate a new, all-digital TV lineup.  Digital TV features superior picture and sound quality.  The transition to this new lineup is expected to be completed as early as late May.

Suddenlink will notify local customers multiple times before converting to the new digital lineup.  The company also will provide instructions to help customers determine if they require digital adapters – also known as "DigitaLinks" – which enable digital channel viewing.

Customers who subscribe only to Suddenlink "Limited Basic" TV – channels 2-22 – will not need a DigitaLink device.  Customers who subscribe to more than Limited Basic channels will generally require these devices, if their TV sets …

  • Are not connected to a Suddenlink digital cable box, also known as a set-top box or receiver
  • Do not have a built-in digital tuner, as found in most new flat panel televisions
  • Do not have a Suddenlink CableCARD installed
  • Are not connected to a digital cable-ready device – such as a TiVo box – with a Suddenlink CableCARD installed.

Customers who determine they need DigitaLinks can obtain them in one of several ways:  by visiting and entering a zip code and account number; visiting the company's Nacogdoches store at 409 N. Fredonia; or calling toll-free 877-872-9132. 

The company will provide these devices for all customer TV sets that require them.  There is no up-front fee or monthly charge for the devices, and customers who do not wish to install them on their own can schedule professional installation through Suddenlink.