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3/3/2011 Lufkin Police Report

3/02/11 SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY        3100 Block ATKINSON DR     

Complainant is a convenience store employee who reported that they had just locked the doors to the store Wednesday night for closing when a black male wearing dark clothing and a ski mask tried to enter the store.  Upon finding the doors locked the suspect fled on foot towards Paul St. and was not located.  Video surveillance showed the suspect crouching down and approaching the doors below the window line and it's believed he was intending to rob the store.

3/02/11 BURGLARY/VEHICLE          3100 Block S FIRST        

Complainant reported that her car window was broken out and her purse stolen while she was at a restaurant Wednesday night.

3/02/11 BURGLARY/VEHICLE          3100 Block S FIRST          

Complainant reported that her car window was broken out and her purse stolen while she was at a restaurant Wednesday night.  Same as case above.

3/02/11 BURGLARY/HABITATION   911 JOHNSON           

Complainant reported that her home was burglarized Wednesday evening and two dozen antique Kentucky Derby drinking cups and a laptop computer were stolen.

3/02/11 BURGLARY/VEHICLE         4600 Block S MEDFORD DR           

Complainant reported that her car window was broken out and her wallet was stolen while parked at the mall Wednesday evening.

3/02/11 THEFT                                100 Block PRAIRIE ST        

Complainant reported that some lawn chairs and an old tailgate off a pickup were stolen from a house Wednesday.

3/02/11 THEFT/B                            1100 Block S TIMBERLAND 

Complainant reported that he left his wallet in the men's room of a restaurant Wednesday and when he returned for it a short time later the wallet was gone.

3/02/11 THEFT                                 8000 Block PERSHING          

Complainant reported that an unknown male suspect stole $5 from a tip jar on the counter of a restaurant Wednesday afternoon.

3/02/11 UUMV (NO REPORT)         4600 Block S MEDFORD          

Complainant reported that an unknown black male was seen breaking into her pickup Wednesday at the Lufkin Mall and apparently tried unsuccessfully to steal the truck.  This case is likely related to the theft below where a theft suspect fled on foot when his getaway vehicle wouldn't crank.  The suspect fled on foot and was not located.

3/02/11 THEFT/B                             4600 Block S MEDFORD          

An unknown black male was seen stealing over $400 worth of clothing from Penney's Wednesday.  A loss prevention officer chased him from the store.  The suspect tossed the clothing into a pickup occupied by a woman.  The truck wouldn't crank and the pair fled on foot.  Neither suspect was located but the merchandise was recovered.  The owner of the pickup was contacted and said he'd let a woman he didn't know drive it two days ago and had already reported it missing the Angelina County sheriff's office.

3/02/11 THEFT                                1000 Block W FRANK ST      

Complainant reported that two women were seen acting suspiciously inside a store Wednesday.  A review of the surveillance video showed the women had stolen two packages of fake fingernails.

3/02/11 ASSAULT/SEXUAL/RAPE     ************        

Complainant reported that a known adult male suspect engaged in inappropriate touching of a sexual nature with her 12 year old daughter.


Complainant reported that several of his checks were forged over the past several months while he was incarcerated.

3/02/11 THEFT                                 800 Block TOM TEMPLE   

Complainant reported that all the newly installed wiring was stolen from a home under construction Tuesday night.




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