East Texas Master Gardener shares gardening prep tips

Angelina Co. Master Gardener Lois Powell
Angelina Co. Master Gardener Lois Powell

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  Spring has just about sprung in East Texas which means you're finally getting outdoors and tending to those gardens and flower beds that have been neglected.

Getting your garden off to the right start is vital to a successful growing season.

Angelina County Master Gardener Lois Powell is dedicated to her beloved flowers, trees and shrubs. She says now is the time to start gardening preps such as clearing out beds.

"So you start looking for dead things that can be removed whether they be trees or flowers... Take-off dead foliage old leaves, limbs," said Powell.

Next, it's time to cut existing plants back.

"... Go in and cut back and you start looking for what limbs are dead or what limbs are crossing," said Powell.

Finally, you're ready to fertilize, and start planting.

The Master Gardeners say the key to a truly successful garden is reading the directions on the plant. It gives you specifics like where to plant and when to fertilize. Small things like how much sunlight plants get can affect your fertilizing schedule.

However, what you choose to fertilize with, isn't set in stone says Lufkin Farm and Nursery Manager, Beverly Massingill.

"Work in some fertilizer - Triple 13, cow manure, chicken manure, people do all kinds - they have their favorites," said Massingill.

Ready to purchase new plants? Be picky.

"If it doesn't look good - then don't get it. You need to go onto something else and find you a good, healthy, dark green plant to start with," said Massingill.

Ultimately, a garden's success depends on regular TLC.

"Plants are just like people, if you don't feed them, and give them good fertilizer and give them watering as they need it, they're not going to survive," said Powell.

Master Gardeners' purpose is to educate the community.  If you have any gardening questions, you're encouraged to call the Angelina County Ag-Extension office at 936-634-6414 ext. 102

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