Lufkin awards bid to start reconstructing Fuller Springs Drive

John Rawls lives on Fuller Springs Drive.
John Rawls lives on Fuller Springs Drive.

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Years of complaints have paid off. Lufkin City Council approved the reconstruction of Fuller Springs Drive.

Last summer John Rawls told us traffic on the road in front of his house was a big problem.

Now, it's a problem the City of Lufkin is about to solve.

"It'll be good to have the road widened and turn lanes and everything," said Rawls.

The council voted on a nearly $1.6 million bid to reconstruct Fuller Springs Drive.

The project installs a turn lane starting at Chesnut Drive creating three lanes on Fuller Springs Drive.

When it's complete, cars picking up students at Slack and Burley schools can line up in the turn lane without blocking the main lanes.

"It's going to be real inconvenient for several months while we're constructing it, but hopefully in the end everyone will be really pleased and happy with the improvements," said Deputy City Manager Keith Wright.

"It'd be worth it, I mean I'd be willing to put up with that if they could widen it and make it easier traffic-wise," said Louise Rankin who lives on Fuller Springs Drive.

Rawls still has some concerns about the overhaul. His nearly $3,000 concrete driveway could get in the way of construction.

However, the city has an 80 foot right-of-way. Right now, the road is only 24-feet wide and by the time the expansion is done it will only be 37-feet wide.

"It's their easement, but it's my money that paid for it," said Rawls.

"We'll repair every driveway back to what it was," Wright explained. "If it was a concrete driveway, we're going to put it back concrete. If it was an asphalt driveway, we're going to put it back asphalt because we're going to move in toward the city's right of way."

"It's been agreed on, they've voted on it and they're going to do it, so there's not much we can do except hope for the best," said Rawls.

He'll see the results soon enough.

The roadway in front of Slack Elementary is set to be completed by the time school starts next fall.

Reconstructing Fuller Springs Drive is only the first phase of the project.

In the next few years, Joyce Lane is up for repairs -- it intersects with Fuller Springs Drive.

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