Lufkin moms share their daughters' stories of being bullied

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  While state and national lawmakers discuss solutions to America's bullying problem, two Lufkin mothers worry that a solution isn't coming fast enough.  They say their watching their daughters deal with relentless bullying everyday.

"I don't want her to end up hurting herself or anyone else because there's just much of that going on in the world," said "Ann" whose daughter is being bullied.

At first she thought it was typical girl disagreements, but now, she knows it's more than that.

"Her telling me they were being called the bad names at school... They've been called a h**, they've been called a b***..." said "Jane".

Her daughter, is best friends with the daughter of "Ann".

"When they started begging us not to take us to school: 'please don't take us to school'," said Ann.

She says both girls are being tormented, but her daughter got the worst of it Tuesday after lunch.

"Got punched in the back of the head and we wound up in the ER room so it's escalating and the school doesn't think it is, but it is," said Ann.

Statistics show about 25% of the students in this building have experienced some kind of bullying. Paying attention to the problem could be the first step to stopping it. Learning about the newest ways bullies are gaining access to their victims is a start.

"It's turned into cyber bullying, text bullying. I mean it's awful," said Ann.

Educators and school administrators may have a tough time dealing with incidents of bullying if they don't see with their own eyes.  Yet, these mom's say their kids should feel safe no matter what.

"When we take them to school, we are putting them in their care and they're supposed to be responsible for them and make sure they're safe and get an education and they're not getting it with what's going on," said Jane.

They also ask parents to get more involved with their children since low self-esteem breeds bullying.

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