Injured Lufkin man speaks out about wreck that killed his brother

Patrick Chambers
Patrick Chambers
Taylor Chambers
Taylor Chambers

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – In February, a Lufkin family stopped to help a stranded driver. Moments later, a suspected drunk driver crashed into them, killing one, and seriously injuring another.

"I don't remember even seeing the truck coming," said Patrick Chambers.

Chambers said he has no memory of the wreck that killed his brother and left him in serious condition.

"Aside from the internal injuries to my liver and I lost a kidney, I had some broken ribs and I also had several broken vertebrae," he said.

Patrick, his father, Angelina County Chief Appraiser Tim Chambers, and brothers Taylor and Kyle were driving home from a Colorado skiing trip when they spotted a stranded car with an Army sticker on it.

Taylor Chambers had just joined the Army and was eager to help a fellow soldier.

"It was going to be no big deal to pull the guy out and it would've helped the guy along, and made his day," said Chambers.

Instead, their lives were changed forever.

Floyd Hobson, 61, drove into Patrick and Taylor on U.S. 6487, between the towns of Des Moines, N.M., and Granville, N.M.

Taylor didn't survive.

Hobson was not injured and was arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated and two counts of vehicular homicide. A judge raised his bond in February to $100,000 because he considered Hobson to be a flight risk. At his arraignment, he pleaded not guilty to two counts of vehicular homicide.

"There's nothing constructive I could say to the guy," said Chambers. "I think he knows, or I would hope, I would assume, if he's any kind of descent person at all, he already knows what he's done."

The 25-year-old said he doesn't regret going on that ski trip.

As for stopping to help he said, "I don't think I regret stopping. I do wish it wouldn't have turned out the way it did and I never would've seen that coming."

Nor did he expect the outpouring of support since the wreck.

"Friends and family have done a lot and a lot of people that I don't even know," recalled Chambers. "Strangers, complete strangers offering donations or just words of encouragement."

Now, he's trying to move forward.

"Focusing on my recovery and all the good times we had because he was my best friend and we had a lot of good times and just try to remember that and think about all the positive things and you know think about what I would like to do differently and maybe what he would want to see me doing," said Chambers.

Patrick hopes to make a full recovery.

Just an hour before the accident, they also gave another stranded driver a lift when his car ran out of gas.

If you can help the Chambers family, a silent auction is being held at Grace Baptist Church on Hwy 69 North in Clawson.

It's Saturday, March 12, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. followed by a benefit motorcycle ride.

Donations are welcome.

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