British official hoping for increased U-N role in Iraq

London-AP -- Britain's foreign secretary cites the worsening security situation in Iraq as a reason for the United Nations to take on a stronger military and political role.

Jack Straw tells the B-B-C he's been working with U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell over the last two weeks on a new resolution to deepen the U-N mandate in postwar Iraq.Asked about expected opposition from Russia, Germany and France, Straw said the mood in the international community will lead to a consensus.He says it's expected that the U-S and Britain would continue to have a unified military command and he does not see the use of U-N blue-helmeted troops.Straw says August saw the security situation go from bad to worse, with not just coalition troops being targeted, but the U-N, the international community and the Iraqi people coming under attack.

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