Angelina lawmen work with parents to get children back

Sandra supports her sister Rhonda
Sandra supports her sister Rhonda
Baby Bradley Wilkins
Baby Bradley Wilkins

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Holding each other, drawing strength from each other,  it's how two sisters keep fighting to bring back their son and nephew.

"I have went every direction that I can possibly think of to try to get my child," said Rhonda Wilkins, trying to get her newborn son back.

Wilkins says just two weeks after she gave birth to her son, Bradley, the baby's father took him to Lufkin.  He never returned to their home in Gainesville.

"The father took the baby about a month ago... We got into a little argument and he took the baby from me and I haven't seen him since," said Wilkins.

Wilkins, her sister Sandra and her oldest son, drove six hours to Lufkin, believing they were finally going to get the baby.

"We cry because we get our hopes up thinking that we're going to get the baby and we have to go through more hoops," said Sandra Capshaw.

This story is that it's not unique. Angelina County deputies say they deal with this type of incident almost every day.

Sergeant Randy Ware with the Angelina Co. Sheriff's Office says there's not a whole lot law enforcement can do if a biological parent takes a child, unless there's a custody arrangement in place.

"We get involved when courts issue a writ of attachment to pick the child up from one party and turn them over to another party," said Ware.

Wilkins' attorney told her a restraining order would be enough to get her baby, but, after deputies read through the paperwork, they had to deliver bad news.

"The document states you have to be in court on march 21st at that point in time we'll decide who's going to get custody of the child, visitation rights and stuff like that," said Ware.

Ware says the legal system isn't easy for folks in this situation to handle.  Sometimes, attorneys say one thing, but the actual documents don't match up.

Now, Wilkins, her sister and son, will have to drive the six hours back home, empty-handed.

"I love him with all my heart and one day I'll have him again - somehow, some way - with God's help," said Wilkins.

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