Woodland Heights and EMS advise women on making the call to 911

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Woodland Heights Medical Center press release

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - You've called 911, and now you're waiting for the rescue team to arrive.  What should you do?

On Wednesday, March 16 beginning at noon, Lufkin EMS Coordinator, Jimmy Ragsdale will speak to Healthy Women members on first aid basics and what to do while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Time is critical for the patient, but making the proper choices are more critical.

An emergency can take place at any time and any place.  Actions a person takes in the first few minutes after an injury or other medical incident may save someone's life.

"The most important, and yet sometimes most difficult thing to do is keep your composure," said EMS Coordinator, Jimmy Ragsdale.  "You will be able to provide information to emergency responders and better care if you remain calm."

Important things to remember while waiting for an ambulance to arrive include:

  1. Stay on the line with 911 and follow emergency instructions.
  2. Stay calm and try to keep the patient calm.
  3. Don't more the patient who was injured in an automobile accident or found unconscious.
  4. If the patient is cold, cover them with a blanket.
  5. Don't give an injured person anything to eat unless instructed by 911.

Lunch will be held in the Woodland Heights Affinity Center.

For more information on becoming a Healthy Woman member or to RSVP for the women's luncheon, contact Christie Maddux at 637-8687.