Jack of the Week: Jessica and Lizzi Arana

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES (KTRE) – When you hear the term double trouble you would think that's a bad thing.  The Arana sisters are definitely not trouble unless you are on the opposing team facing the SFA Ladyjacks softball combination.  Jessica Arana, junior second baseman.  Baby sister Lizzi plays shortstop.  The two are a formidable combination up the middle in the Southland Conference.

"I'm very happy to have her, at first I was kind of iffy we been playing together for years it's a good experience I wouldn't trust anyone else to be next to me.  I know her like the back of my hand so we can communicate really well. I really like it and she has stepped it up for our team so I like it a lot," Jessica Arana said.

"This is a dream come true and so I'll never forget talking to Jessica and Lizzi walks by and I said I can't talk to you yet but one day I'm going to, so you keep that in the back of your mind and then we just developed a great relationship.  After that and now we here we are very blessed to have both of them," Craig Snider SFA Assistant coach said.

"The Arana's up the middle oh it's great," I love it. I mean it's kind of like any shortstop and second baseman always have to have that bond that you have to know they got your back and they know what your next move is.  We definitely have that we think a lot alike, we have played together so long that it's natural," Lizzi Arana said.

Ladyjacks will play at Northwestern State on Saturday and then return home to host Baylor March 29th Jessica and Lizzi Arana your Jacks of the Week.

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