Granny with a gun

Photo courtesy: Marion County Sheriff's Dept.
Photo courtesy: Marion County Sheriff's Dept.

MARION COUNTY, FL. (ABC News) – Deputies in Marion County, Florida say a 92-year old woman, Helen Staudinger, shot up the house next door.  Why?  According to the police report, Staudinger would not leave her neighbor's home without a kiss.

Deputies say Staudinger wanted a kiss and when 53-year old Dwight Bettner refused she got angry.  "There's three holes in the wall and one in the window, and, of course, one in my car," Bettner said.

Bettner said he and his elderly neighbor had just finished a conversation and she started to leave and then she said "I'm not leaving without a kiss."  And I said, 'I have a girlfriend, you're not getting a kiss.'"

Bettner is 39 years younger than the alleged gunslinger.  Staudinger told police she was aiming for his beloved car.

When investigators asked about the gun, Staudinger told them she didn't remember where she put her weapon.  Deputies found a semi-automatic on an end table and arrested her.

"She's pretty much raised hell for quite awhile but I never thought she would start shooting at me," Bettner said.

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