Man threatens family with gun after watching Sheen kiss Kimmel

QUITMAN COUNTY, GA. (RNN) – Love him or hate him, the actor Charlie Sheen is everywhere.  His actions have been raising eyebrows but in one home Sheen's moves led one man to take drastic measures.  It started as a normal night watching TV with his girlfriend and ended with him behind bars.

Charlie Sheen surprised the audience at Jimmy Kimmel Live and even the host himself when he showed up at the talk show and planted a big kiss on Kimmel. The clip has been played over and over but when the replay aired in this Quitman County home, it enraged 47 year old David O'Hara.

O'Hara and his girlfriend were flipping through the channels before they went to bed last night and the smooch set him off. His girlfriend didn't want to be on camera but told us how channel surfing set him off.

"We were getting ready to get in just set him off," O'Hara's girlfriend said.

The fighting continued to escalate. A group of friends heard the screams and went to check on the couple. That's when Quitman County Sheriff Steve Newton says O'Hara got a gun..putting it to the back of his girlfriend's face and pointing it at this 14-year-old boy.

"He swung it around in my face and pointed it at the back of her head and threatened to kill all of us."

O'Hara was tackled and arrested on the causeway leading from Georgia into Alabama. Deputies say he tried to hide his gun nearby.

"It's just inconceivable that someone would pull a gun on others checking on their welfare and it's even more inconceivable that this would all start over a TV show. We're amazed and happy that no one was shot and he did not pull that trigger," Steve Newton, Quitman Co. Sheriff's office, said.

Now, it might be a while before O'Hara can access a TV and do any channel surfing.

O'Hara was charged with aggravated assault and being under the influence.

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