Bees take over home of East Texas couple

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

One bee in the yard is not so bad. Hundreds of bees living inside the walls of your home is awful.

"Actually, if you think about it, bees are good for the environment, but not in your house," Tommy Martin said.

Martin built his house almost 20 years ago. He's dealt with bees in the past, but this year, there are just too many to handle.

"Walking through here, just from the pool area to the back gate, they'll get after you," Martin said.

His daughter Abby found that out the hard way.

"I thought it was just an ant bite," Abby Sims said. "But then I got home later that day, and I looked at my toe, and it was a bee sting."

So far, Abby is the only member of the family that has been stung. But the back yard where she was stung is basically bee central. Tommy says he has to mow back there at night, when the bees are holed up inside the walls of his house.

But it's not just the live bees that are a nuisance.

"I haven't found any live ones in the house, but I've found plenty of dead ones, especially in my window," said Abby's brother, Nathan Sims.

Dead bees and lots of wax are the only sign of the bees inside of the house. But Tommy's wife Lisa said she can hear them buzzing inside the wall.

"My concern is if they found a real good way into the house, and they swarmed, do we have to move out of the house," Lisa Martin said. "I'm just ready to get them out of here."

And that is where the family has another problem. They can't find anyone to dispose of the bees. Exterminators and bee keepers have turned them down.

"I thought, 'well that's crazy, because I know we're not the only ones this has happened to'," Lisa said.

So for now, this East Texas family is stuck.

Tommy said he has done some research online and found some bee keepers that will remove the bees just so they can have the honey. He thinks there could be more than a hundred pounds of it inside his walls.

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