Mom, grandma arrested over drunken doughnuts incident with kids in Huntington

Tammy Burch
Tammy Burch
a tearful Robyn Reeves
a tearful Robyn Reeves

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - (KTRE) - What was meant to be a just a man having fun spinning doughnuts in his pick-up truck for the entertainment of children has gotten two Huntington women charged with felony crimes.

Tammy Kay Burch, 45, of Zavalla, and Robyn Elizabeth Reeves, 27, of Huntington, are charged with child endangerment.

"It makes me upset. It makes me mad because I would never endanger my kids or my grand kids," said a tearful Burch.

According to the Huntington Police report, Burch and Reeves, who are mother and daughter, on February 17 had a man spin doughnuts in a yard in order to entertain children. The man told police that several small children were inside the mobile home when he began spinning the doughnuts, but saw they were only 15 to 20 steps away when he finished, according to the report.

Reeves tells KTRE this is not what happened.

"I didn't know my friend was going to do all that stuff in the yard. It wasn't for the amusement for the kids, it wasn't that. I just told him you know, get out there and roll his truck in the mud," said Reeves.

The report states the man showed remorse to what may have happened, but that Reeves, who the officer reported had a strong odor of alcohol, did not show concern to what could have happened to her children.

Reeves insists she was not drinking and that all of the children were inside, except for her two sisters watching from the steps. As for the man driving the truck -- she says he was the one drinking.

"I have kids. I'm a full time mom and I don't [got] time to drink," said Reeves.

If anything, the women claim they were trying to steer their friend from a bad decision.

"Just do a couple of doughnuts here, play in the mud here, play in the dirt hole and then come back in the house," said Reeves.

The mother/daughter duo plan to fight these charges.

"We are really upset about it because we're being accused of something we never even did," said Reeves.

Police obtained a warrant for the duo's arrest on March 25. They were booked into the Angelina County Jail on the same day.

Chief Bobby Epperly said police are investigating charges on the man, but that he has been cooperative with the investigation and did show remorse.

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