Teen accused of pistol whipping mom over car loan

FORT MYERS, FLA. (AP) - Authorities in southwest Florida say a 17-year-old girl pointed a gun at her mother, pistol-whipped her and forced her to drive to a dealership to buy her a used car.

A car salesman said the 17-year old The Canterbury honors student came in, did her research on the car, found out she couldn't get loan approved by herself to purchase a red 350 Z convertible.

That's when she called her mom. "Then, I noticed that she and her mom kind of got into an argument on the phone- said she'd be back," the salesman said. Investigators said the teen left the dealership, angry that her mother wouldn't sign for her.

Detectives said when Rachel Hachero got home she pulled out a gun, pistol whipped her mom, then held her at gunpoint and made her drive to the dealership and sign for the car.

Detectives said the mother was scared to call 9-1-1 and waited until the next day, while Rachel was at school, to alert deputies. According to the arrest report, the mother didn't want to press charges because she said, "Her daughter is an honor student who has been recently accepted to several Ivy League colleges on scholarships."

Deputies seized the gun which they say was stolen during a burglary last year.

Rachel Hachero has since withdrawn from The Canterbury School. Officials in Fort Myers said charges against the teen include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

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