Garrison pastor writes book to defend self

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - (KTRE) - Pastor Rick Anderson says he's a scapegoat for something that happened on death row close to two years ago.

"I was accused of taking letters out for a death row offender that ended up being placed on a blog that threatened a Texas state senator," Anderson said.

The story hit the national wires.

Anderson admits mailing letters, but not the ones he was blamed for sending.

"I felt like they were harmless enough and that proved to be the case," Anderson said.

The rash agreement came at the prisoner's lowest moment.

"Actually, in the act of committing suicide whenever I caught him," Anderson said.

Anderson resigned, or else he would be fired. In an effort to clear his name he wrote, "God's Feet Are in My Sandbox."

"There was that burning desire to clear my name and at the same time to gift wrap it in God's grace," Anderson said.

Anderson discovered how God influenced his other life decisions.

"They were faith stories," he said.

Faith released Anderson from drug addiction.

"The book begins with the hard-headed person sitting here who was a hard-headed youth and rebelled against God," he said.

Anderson says the Lord led him to his wife, Judy. And then provided for infertility treatments so Caleb could be born.

And later the adoption of a China doll, named Lucy.

"Love found a home that day," Anderson said.

Then there's the heartbreaking struggle during Judy's death to cancer.

"That was the part that would have me just in tears every time I'd sit down to try to write one of those stories," he said.

Anderson's book will be released April 5 on

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