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About C. Elaine Bolen, RN

Elaine Bolen co-authored
Obesity`s Answer, the CELL Program.  She started her career as an investigative reporter, an accountant and a teacher before entering nursing in 1978.  She attended North Harris County College and Texas Women’s University for nursing.  She worked in the fields of oncology, emergency nursing and nursing education.  She taught nursing at San Jacinto College.

Over the years, she has published a number of articles and short stories on a variety of topics.  For the past ten years, she has provided support for hundreds of the disabled via an Internet group she founded. 

She recently retired on disability because of multiple sclerosis.  Her ten grandchildren occupy a lot of her time (as well as "pestering" Dr. Rima to write more books).  Without Elaine, there would be no CELL Program.  The preface to the book has the full story.

Obesity in the News & Commentary is her editorial section of the “Obesity’s Answer” web site.  You may contact Elaine here.

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