About the CELL Program

"It’s NOT your fault . . .”

It’s in the news every day. It is no secret that there is an obesity epidemic in the United States. People with clinical obesity have many problems. In addition to the public humiliation and a multitude of associated health problems, they often face a medical community with little sympathy for (or understanding of) their plight. Effective and sensible tools to help can be few and far between. A very different approach is sorely needed.

Fad diets come and go; fad diet medications come and go. Few work, at least for the long run. Many physicians blame the obese individual for “eating too much.” CELL stands for Continuous Education and Lasting Loss. The CELL Program assures you, “It’s NOT your fault” any more than diabetes or other medical conditions. Obesity is a medical condition, not a mere failure of will power. The Program changes the whole approach to diets and dieting, safely and for the long run.

How serious is your weight problem? Check out the BMI Calculator.

Obesity can be caused by a number of factors including hormone imbalances, food allergies, metabolism problems and others. The book, Obesity’s Answer, the CELL Program, explains some of the medical causes of obesity in easy-to-understand language. More importantly, it tells you what to DO about it with sample menus using “real” foods and 100 recipes to help you. Many people have not only lost weight, but dropped hundreds of points each in sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Dr. Rima
, a family physician, and Elaine Bolen, a nurse, have researched the CAUSES of obesity. They have designed a program for the difficult-to-treat obesity that works! They provide a guide to a healthier way of life for individuals who may have given up ever finding an answer. The CELL Program works, and works well, especially if you have conditions such as diabetes, lipid problems and high blood pressure as a result of your obesity.

If your diagnosis were cancer, of any type, you would do anything to rid yourself of the malignancy, including deadly chemotherapy, radiation or even radical surgery. The CELL Program is an effort to treat the causes of obesity and not just the symptoms. It is for those who want to finally stop the yo-yo’s and do something about their health for a lifetime. In most cases, “It’s not your fault . . . but the cure is your responsibility.”