Our Services

Our Services
Dr. Rima Kittley
Dr. Rima Kittley

Dr. Rima is pleased to offer the information contained in Ask the Expert:  Women’s Health. She is genuinely concerned with the health and well-being of women and is committed to providing quality healthcare. The list below illustrates some, but not all, of the services provided:

·      Comprehensive management of illnesses.

·      Preventive health and routine physicals.

·      Newborns care and breast-feeding consultation.

·      Medically supervised weight loss and lifestyle change program called the CELL program.

·      Hospitalization, if required, at Memorial Health System of East Texas or Woodland Heights Medical Center.

·      Treatment of arthritis with antibiotics, including IV therapy.

·      Home visits for the elderly and homebound.

·      Referral to appropriate specialists as needed.

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