Jack of the Week: Nicole Parkhurst

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - (KTRE) – Nicole Parkhurst, rolls a 15 pound ball and does damage in the pocket to the pins as they scatter everywhere. Freshman on the SFA bowling team came to Nacogdoches, Texas all the way from the east coast Utica, New York.  Not to homesick she has a robust average of 200 per game.

After visiting the oldest town in Texas she immediately fell in love with it, and knew that SFA is where she wanted to be.

"I actually visited two other schools and then I visited all of them and I love the team and the campus came here it's beautiful and it was awesome.  I always knew I was going to go far from home but I definitely did not think half way across the country far," Parkhurst said.

SFA bowling team is entering its third year of the program and its reputation is receiving some national attention.

"I feel that we can make it to nationals in the upcoming years. We have worked so hard we came from barely being ranked to now 13th so we have made a big jump in one year I definitely feel that we can do it again," Parkhurst said.

Wondering why so many people throw a curve or a hook when hitting the lane.  Ms. Parkhurst breaks it down for me, there is a method to the madness and how it works to your advantage as opposed to throwing it straight down the middle.

"When you curve it you get more of an angle into the pocket which allows the pins to fall easier.  If you're throwing it straight the ball will deflect and leave it will just leave random pins up there," Parkhurst said.

Now calling Nacogdoches her home away from home Nicole Parkhurst is your Jack of the Week.

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