Golfers tee off for Habitat for Humanity in Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - (KTRE) - Convincing golfers to take off early on a Friday afternoon for a round of golf isn't difficult. They can always tell the boss it's for a good cause, like the Habitat for Humanity Golf Classic.

"A lot of organizations and individuals wanted to get involved and didn't know how, either to donate or volunteer or both and this event is helping to accomplish that," said John Tusa, Habitat board member and coordinator for the golf classic.

The proceeds will defray costs to build homes which are going up as fast as the money can be raised.

"Last year was our first year to build two houses in one year and it was a great challenge, but we did it and we would like to keep up that pace from year to year," explained Miki Lynn, Habitat's executive director.

The organization in Nacogdoches began 15 years ago. To date, 14 homes have been built. The volunteer labor comes cheap, but the land and materials don't.

"Anything that has to be transported the cost is going up every year," said Lynn. "The businesses are doing what they can to donate when they can and give us things at cost where they can, but it is expensive."

Like many non profits, habitat for humanity is seeing applicants who have never applied for assistance.

"I think we're seeing an increase in folks that are just on the margin. That are so close to being able to be successful," said Lynn.

For the first time, habitat will be offering homeowner preparation courses. Buyers learn how to make their earnings go a little bit farther.

"The individual who buys these houses actually are responsible for a mortgage, taxes, and insurance," reminded Tusa. "They get it at zero, no interest rate,but they're responsible for their home."

The recipient has a vested interest. Donor's appreciate that, almost as much as an afternoon off from work.

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