Time running out for East Texans to file income tax

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - (KTRE)- Since before April, people, dressed up in funny costumes, have been standing on the side of the road enticing taxpayers to hire their business to prepare tax returns. Procrastinators ignore the daily reminders, until right about now.

"Yeah, actually we're getting some taxpayers that are kinda freaked out," said Franchesca Gipson, office manager of Liberty tax preparers in Nacogdoches.

And the customers dump a years worth of receipts and other pieces of paper on tax preparers desks.

"When you see everything the way they put it out on the table, you're like,'oh no, please. Not this, today,' " said Gipson, while rolling her eyes.

There's no time to set it aside, even with the later April 18th deadline.

"They just spread it out (saying), 'I don't now what to do,tell me what to do, take care of it, I won't worry about it as long as I meet the deadline.' We put it in categories and stack it up. Before long the taxes are done," said Gipson.

Those who insist on missing the deadline can file for an extension.

"We e-file it to the IRS and they're good to go for another 6 months," assured Gipson.

Remember, even with an extension taxpayers must pay the estimated amount.

For those expecting a refund, filing late may be beneficial.

"You can possibly get your refund a little bit sooner because the IRS is not as packed or as bombarded," said Gipson.

But if getting that refund back in a hurry was important to procrastinating taxpayers, they would have filed when they first saw the dressed up guys on the side of the road.

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