Men accused in Cleveland gang rape of 14-year old make court appearance

(KTRK/ABC) - Some of the 19 young men, accused of gang raping an 11-year old girl in Cleveland, appeared in court Tuesday where they entered "not guilty" pleas.

With his sweater pulled over his head, Timothy Ellis walked out of the courtroom.  The woman with him, identified herself as his mother, said she did not want to talk to anyone.  "My thought is for you to leave me alone.  I will charge you will harassment, if you don't leave me alone."

In Timothy Ellis' case, the judge set a trial date of July 25th.  It was the only trial date set Tuesday in the 75th District Court inside the Liberty County Courthouse.

Four defendants entered pleas of not guilty.

Most have previously pleaded not guilty, including Marcus Porchia.  He left the courtroom without comment.  In total 14 suspects were scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

Nine cases were reset to July 6th, two cases were reset to May 2nd and 3 cases were pending.  The case quickly gained national attention in February when 19 people including 5 juveniles were arrested.

The youngest suspect in the case is in middle school.  The oldest is 27 years old.  They are all accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year old girl inside a rundown trailer in Cleveland.  The crime allegedly took place over several days beginning in September of last year.