The Restaurant Report

The Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches

Butcher Boys @ 603 North Street
7 demerits for improper water supply equipment & no sanitizing test strips

Chicken Express @ 1614 North University
6 demerits for inaccurate thermometers & no Heimlich advisory

Schlotzsky's @ 2608 North Street
4 demerits for onions on the floor

Long John Silver's @ 1505 North Street
3 demerits for ice scoop in ice container

Lucky Stop @ 1218 Douglass
18 demerits for improper temperature on foods, expired cans, no soap or towels, no sanitizing test strips, inaccurate thermometer.

Cotton Patch @ 3117 North Street
6 demerits for flies, no thermometers

Burger King @ 2921 North Street
10 demerits for improper water supply equipment, ice scoop in bin, no Heimlich consumer advisory