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Attack of the Buck Moth Caterpillar

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(KTRE) – Buck Moth Caterpillars are wreaking havoc on the citizens of New Orleans. 

They are not your normal cute, fuzzy little caterpillars.  They grow in clusters on trees.  And, if one of them lands on you, prepare for pain, because they will sting. 

The sting is caused by liquid on the caterpillar's spines, which puncture the skin.  If stung, experts say the best thing to do is take some Scotch tape and try to pull the spines out and then use any type of topical anesthetic to help with the pain.

According to Wikipedia, "the insects are found in oak forests stretching from the south east to the north east and as far west as Texas and Kansas.  The larvae typically emerge in a single generation in the spring.  In Louisiana, particularly in cities such as Baton Rouge or New Orleans, where use of live oaks as street trees is extensive, the caterpillars can become a significant nuisance for humans."

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