Police pepper spray disruptive 8 year old, threatening classmates and teachers

Is 8 years old too young to be pepper sprayed?  According to Colorado police, the child in question was out of control and threatening the lives of his fellow students and teachers.  However, the boy's mother said his behavioral problems only happen at school.

At first glance, Aidan Elliott appears to be an energetic kid, eager to win his wrestling match video game.  It was his behavior in the classroom that led the 8 year old to be handcuffed and pepper sprayed.  Actions police said were necessary due to Aidan's threats.

"I will kill you mother effers. He told the teachers the same thing.  If they came out, they were gonna die," Steve Davis, Lakewood Police Department, said.

Aidan does not deny it. "I said, 'I'm going to kill you once you get out of that room."

School officials said it began in Aidan's class, a class for children with behavioral problems.  They said the second grader was spitting, throwing chairs and threatening his classmates and teachers with a piece of broken wood.  That's when police arrived and decided to pepper spray the boy.  On Good Morning America Aidan blamed his teachers.

Aidan's mother said police used excessive force on her son.  She blames his school for his behavior. "It doesn't happen with babysitters, family members. It happens only at school," Mandy Elliot said in a GMA interview.  His school said if Aidan improves his behavior he is welcome to return.

It was the third time officers were called to the school to deal with Aidan.  His mother said she plans to file a complaint over the way the situation was handled.

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