Nacogdoches church takes over apartment leasing office to reach the people

Missionary Freeman
Missionary Freeman
LaKendra Teal
LaKendra Teal
Pastor Marcus Henderson
Pastor Marcus Henderson

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - (KTRE) -  Often referred to as a project , Eastwood Terrace Apartments in Nacogdoches doesn't have the best reputation. However, a pastor with a mission to minister is changing things around, and bringing hope to the community.

"God spoke to me - he said I'm going to send you to a place where some people do not go. I know this was a place for me to be," said Pastor Marcus Henderson of New Life Church of God and Christ.

The Eastwood Terrace Apartments' leasing office in southeast Nacogdoches is now home to Pastor Henderson and his church.

"God told me that people not going to come to church - take the church to the people... In other words: to eliminate some of the excuses for folks not to go to church," said Henderson.

It's hard to imagine that a room in the run-down leasing office is filled with so much prayer, passion and love. Not just on Sundays, but several times a week.

"We have prayer on Tuesdays, we have bible study on Wednesday night 7:00 and we have worship services on Friday nights," said Henderson.

Henderson and his right-hand woman, Missionary Dorethea Freeman minister to this apartment community in anyway they can.

"I stand right with him. I go out into the neighborhood with him. I go pray with him. We take communion to the nursing home," said Dorethea Freeman.

They also hold clothing drives every three weeks.  Pastor Henderson says it's about taking care of the community's spiritual and physical needs.

Resident LaKendra Teal says this is her first church home.

"This community is not one of the best communities. I decided to come, I wanted to check it out. I wanted to see who come out here to give us some hope," said Teal.

She says the church is changing the community for the better while inspiring her to be a better person.

"I'm a lot more productive. I'm better with my relationships - family relationships, my children's relationship. He just has so much to offer through God's word that I've grown a lot," said Teal.

Pastor Henderson says he's in the right place to do the most good.

"There's a need. I want to be able to do God's work out here and it's all about helping people," said Henderson.

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