KTRE Pineywoods Showdown set for Thursday

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The annual KTRE all-star high school basketball game will be held Thursday. But this year, a new court will play host.

The game, which pits the best seniors from Angelina County against the best from Nacogdoches County, will take place at Nacogdoches High School's Dragon Gym.

The game, now known as the KTRE Pineywoods Showdown, will allow the Nacogdoches County teams to have a homecourt advantage, something they did not have the first two years.

The girls game will begin at 6 p.m., with the boys to tip off immediately after. Admission is $5 at the door.

Angelina County has swept the event in the past two years, when it was known as the River Rivalry and held at Angelina College's Shands Gym.

A new name and venue is not all that will be introduced to the game. This year, fans will have a chance to win a new car during halftime of both games.

Fans that are interested in competing may sign up in a drawing before the event. Two fans will be drawn randomly and will have a chance to shoot a layup, free throw, three-pointer and halfcourt shot within 25 seconds. If they make all four shots, they will win a Kia Soul from Perry-Ellis Kia or a Hyundai Sonata from Rex Perry Autoplex.

Those who wish to participate in the shooting contest must not have played high school or college ball within the past five years and have never played professional ball. KTRE will take sign-ups for the drawing prior to the game at the KTRE Consolidated Communications Mobile Studio.

Each team's coach has chosen a charity to represent. If their team wins, KTRE will donate a portion of the proceeds to that charity.

"We've had a lot of success with the game in the past, but we think this year will be even better," event organizer Jeff Awtrey said. "This year, with teams playing for charities, I think it will bring even more excitement to the game as the kids have even more to play for."

The Angelina County boys, coached by Huntington's Tim Bartlett, will play for the Burke Center. The Nacogdoches County boys, coached by Nacogdoches' Chance Mays, will play for Glory Gang Ministries.

On the girls' side, the Angelina County girls, coached by Hudson's Nigel Boyles, will play for Harold's House while the Nacogdoches County girls, which was to be coached by Woden's Paul Driver, will play for the Nacogdoches Vietnam Veterans. Woden assistant coach Pam Muse will now coach the game, as Driver will be out of town on a family emergency.

Below are rosters for all teams:

Angelina County girls

3              Sascha Lewis                      Hudson

4              Chandler Modisette       Huntington

10           Sara Stringer                      Central

11           Chaun Williams                 Lufkin

12           Savannah Clark                 Hudson

13           Ivorie Ford                          Lufkin

23           Raven Mitchell                  Zavalla

25           Mikyle Smith                      Lufkin

34           Krysten Moody                 Zavalla

41           Michelle Fontenot           Zavalla

42           Hannah Smith                    Hudson

50           Sabrina Toole                     Hudson

Nacogdoches County girls

2              Jesse King                           Cushing

3              Courtney Leadon             Garrison

4              Jacy Watson                       Douglass

11           Katy Lock                             Central Heights

12           Leslie Pennick                    Central Heights

15           Morgan Spencer              Martinsville

21           Amanda Thompson        Central Heights

22           Alex Porras                         Cushing

23           Destavia Davis                   Woden

24           ShyAnne Stone                 Woden

25           Shanell Tutt                        Cushing

35           Sarah Schmidt                   Woden

Angelina County boys

0              JJ Baldwin                            Lufkin

1              Dexter Wright                   Lufkin

2              Jack Ellis                               Huntington

3              Ryan Mitchell                     Zavalla

4              Isaac Guillory                     Diboll

10           Ja'Lexius Davis                  Hudson

11           Dettrick Hamilton             Diboll

12           Jeremy Lowe                     Hudson

13           John McClain                     Lufkin

14           Dylan Fletcher                   Zavalla

15           Dominique Rodgers        Lufkin

Nacogdoches County boys

3              Jake Griffin                         Woden

6              AJ Bryant                             Garrison

10           Clint Lowery                       Douglass

13           Dillon Gartman                  Chireno

15           Joseph Blount                   Chireno

16           Tyler Khan                           Central Heights

24           Jacory McClendon           Woden

25           Nick Hiebert                       Central Heights

30           Tucker Briley                      Nacogdoches

31           Chad Huckaby                   Martinsville

32           Chris Campbell                  Douglass