Officials "weigh in" on Angelina County Landfill

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The city of Lufkin is deciding where to send its trash come October.

Lufkin leaders are asking Angelina County to weigh solid waste rather than measure it by volume. County commissioners are looking into the cost of installing a set of scales at the landfill to weigh refuse.

Angelina county judge Wes Suiter says a new system could be beneficial to both the county and the city.

"We really don't know if they are paying the proper amount for what they are delivering to the landfill or if we are over charging them or under charging so this way when we go to weigh it there won't be any question. We'll know exactly what they are bringing out there and we'll know what to charge them for it," said Suiter.

Angelina county commissioner Scott Cooper is figuring the cost to install scales at the landfill and will report his findings at the next commissioner's court meeting.

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