UPDATE: Foul play ruled out in death of man found lying in the street

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The Tyler Police Department has identified the man found dead lying in the street early Friday morning.

Todd Jackson, 49, of Dallas was found just before 6 at the intersection of W. Erwin and Bruck St.

Bridgette Lynch says she'd seen the man alive hours earlier, but couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him the second time.

"I kicked my shoes off and threw my mail down and I ran over there to him and when I got there, I checked his pulse and I said, 'Sir, are you okay?' I shook his back and everything and I couldn't get nothing… I checked him again," Lynch explained.

Even up close, Lynch says it was tough to tell how the man was hurt.

"When I got there, there was just a little blood, you know rolling. I just thought maybe he had just fell and got hurt, but after that, later on the blood just kept coming, so I thought he was shot. But, he had face trauma real bad to his face. His face was swollen," she explained.

That's when she realized there was just nothing she could do.

Another witness at the scene says there was a hotel key next to the body.

On Saturday, Tyler Police said that preliminary autopsy results have ruled out foul play in Jackson's death.  However, toxicology results are still pending.

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