Lufkin Police Report 4/18/2011

4/18/11 ASSAULT/C             800 Block of N TIMBERLAND DR

Common-law husband and wife reported hitting each other during an argument inside a vehicle. 

4/17/11 ASSAULT/A             1200 Block of W FRANK ST

Woman reported that she was scratched and bitten on the cheek of her face during a fight at a park with another woman.   

4/17/11 BURGLARY/HABITATION   1200 Block of CAIN ST

Son reported that when checking his mother's residence, he found a back window open and a television missing from the home.       


Woman reported that she returned home after being gone only a short time and found her patio door open.  Woman reported that she then discovered several firearms and jewelry had been stolen from her home.

4/17/11 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF     3300 Block of LOTUS LN

Woman reported that sometime during the previous night or during the day, someone had scratched and damaged her vehicle.      

4/17/11 THEFT                 1100 Block of S TIMBERLAND DR

Woman reported that she left her cell phone sitting on a table at a park pavilion during a company party, and when she returned for the phone, discovered it had been taken.

4/17/11 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF     3500 Block of N JOHN REDDITT D

Man reported that after hearing his car alarm going off, he looked outside his apartment to see his ex-girlfriend/baby's mother standing on the front hood of his car and stomping in the front windshield, and then break the passenger side mirror and key his car all the way around.  She had left the scene prior to police arrival.