Lufkin nonprofit needs volunteers for extreme office makeover

Kali Leone is in hospice. She has a brain tumor.
Kali Leone is in hospice. She has a brain tumor.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's an extreme makeover, East Texas style.

After decades in the same building, local builders are about to give Hospice in the Pines a much-needed makeover.

The group is an nonprofit organization that provides end-of-life care for many East Texans.

The Extreme Makeover that will empower Hospice in the Pines to help people like 13-year-old Kali Leone.

"They give so much and it's like we can't give back to them ourselves, so when someone else comes in and takes care of that for them, it makes us feel good," said Gayle Ladner, Leone's Grandmother.

Ladner's granddaughter has a brain tumor.

"Texas Children's did all they could do and then they said you need to call hospice and that was very hard for me, that was such a hard decision, but we did it, we're glad we did it,"said Ladner.

For six months, hospice has been there for Kali, now the Deep East Texas Association of Builders is stepping in to help hospice.

"The houses that they're in, they're quite literally falling apart," said Mike Hineman with DETAB and Dream Homes.

"DETAB wanted to initially come and bring some paint to put on these two buildings and I approached them and said I'm not sure paint will really do the job," said Senior Executive Director of Hospice in the Pines Demetress Harrell.

So they're moving into an 8,900 square foot building on Frank Street.

DETAB plans on gutting and renovating the building in just a week's time, but they need volunteers.

"Anybody that can hold a hammer, we're looking for you and would love to have you come help," said Hineman.

Harrell said moving Hospice in the Pines over a few blocks and being in the same building as Community Medical will allow them to run both operations more efficiently and it's better for their budget.

"It means great things, that we have individuals that recognize what we do," said Harrell.

She said the extreme office makeover will make the nonprofit more accessible to people like Kali and her family.

"Whatever it took to keep her happy, they did it and so they deserve this," said Ladner.

"They're truly angels doing God's work every day and for us to be able to give back to them, it's a great opportunity," Hineman said.

The renovation will get underway April 30.  Crews will work from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for about a week.

If you want to volunteer contact Hospice in the Pines or DETAB.

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