Trinity County man in desperate need of a new heart

Kenny Woychesin
Kenny Woychesin
Kenny and his wife, Jennifer
Kenny and his wife, Jennifer
Aaron Woychesin
Aaron Woychesin

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Kenny Woychesin says he was born with a ticking time bomb inside of him. As a teenager, the 38-year-old learned he had Cardiomyopathy or "Sudden Death Syndrome."

Since then, he's suffered 20 heart attacks. His first heart transplant came in 2006, only to find out the new heart wasn't working.

"If there wasn't hope and faith you couldn't make it through this and I mean your family is the best hope you can have," said Kenny.

"He had every type of rejection that you can have," said Kenny's wife, Jennifer. "It just hasn't worked."

Two weeks ago, he learned time is running out.

"The heart he has now won't last another three months," said Jennifer.

"The arteries are basically growing together," Kenny explained. "They're just narrowing."

"I've grown up my life with my dad not knowing if he's going to live or die," said Kenny's 17-year-old son Aaron.

Family members are working to raise thousands of dollars just to get Kenny on the transplant list.

"He deserves his chance again and there is a reason why this is happening too. I just don't believe it's so it can be over," said his mother, Sandy Mixon.

"We're going to be grandparents in three months for the first time and all he ever prayed was God please let me live to be a grandfather," said Jennifer.

Kenny's biggest supporters are his wife, three boys, and his mother. They sport matching bracelets that read "a heart for Kenny."

"He's my hero," said Jennifer.

"He's amazing. If there was more people out there like him…I just can't explain the impact he's had on my life," said Aaron.

If no transplant comes in time, Kenny will need an artificial heart. He says only five in the U.S. have ever been done. Still his family says they know a miracle is possible.

"Pray for my family because we need it," said Aaron.

Supporters have already raised $6,000 for Kenny. The family is still in need of thousands more.

You can donate by visiting You can also visit Citizens State Bank in Groveton under "a heart for Kenny."

There will also be a fundraiser on May 14th at KC's Bar & Grill in Trinity with BBQ plates, live music and an auction. The fun begins at 11:00 a.m. The auction will start at 2:30. Raffle tickets are $10 a person.

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