Kilgore bus vandals allowed to graduate

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Kilgore ISD officials have decided that the five students that vandalized 39 school buses earlier this month will be allowed to graduate.

According to the superintendent of Kilgore ISD, the students involved in the bus vandalism have been moved to an alternate school, but they will be allowed to graduate and walk the stage.

The students will split the cost of the damage, however, at this point, they are not sure how the costs will be divided between the students.

During a meeting Monday night, the school board will discuss installing cameras, although installation means installing light, which is very costly.

Officials also tell us the school bus drivers were paid the day of the vandalism, but they are not passing that cost onto the students.

Kilgore ISD is no longer involved in this case. Everything else will be up to the District Attorney's office. The DA is still waiting on the paperwork from Kilgore ISD.

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