Angelina County fighting litter problem

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Nearly 15,000 pounds of trash is illegally dumped in Angelina County every month. That weighs as much as six cars.

"Some of those items will be large, you know, refrigerators, that increases the weight," said Sgt. Mark Emmons, environmental officer with the sheriff's office. "But how many fast food cups does it take to get there? It's a lot."

Since it rained Tuesday night and mattresses found dumped are dry, Emmons says from the looks of things they were just dumped.

The county just cleaned up Twin Oaks Road a month ago and they find several new dumpings on Wednesday.

"Obviously, it didn't take long, before it's back," Emmons said. "People throwing cups and other things out the windows."

It's not just dumping big items that's a problem.

"We find fast food cups, any kind of items, household trash," he said. "People have stuff in their car and decide I don't want it any more and just throw it out. You'd be surprised what all we find. Tires, refrigerators, mattresses, television sets, just about anything you can think of."

There are easy alternatives.

The landfill charges a few bucks per truckload. Plus, some tire stores will take your old treads for a small fee.

"Sure, I think everybody is fed up with it," Emmons said. "I get calls all the time from citizens. They're tired of it."

If you throw your trash where it doesn't belong, fines start at $200.

And if you dump more than five pounds, you can be hauled off to jail.

When Emmons tracks down whoever is responsible for the heap, they could be arrested.

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