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Gift of Love: Tiesha, Tay'una and Jaleah

Three sisters that love to laugh and play, Tiesha, Tay'una and Jaleah, would love to find a family who can share in their fun.

Tiesha is 7-years-old and is the oldest girl in the family. She is the "mother hen" and makes sure that her sisters and older brother Torian are taken care of.

She is an A/B student who loves math. She also loves to play outside, fish, swim, ride her bike, watch television, and play hide and go seek.

Tiesha's favorite colors are pink and blue, especially when she is dressing up in pretty clothes. Her three wishes are to meet Miley Cyrus, meet Robert Ray, and to be a queen.

Tiesha's younger sister, Tay'una, is 5-years-old and is very close to both of her sisters. She is in kindergarten and takes longer to open up to people.

She likes to watch television and play outside with her siblings. She is very social at school and does well with her peers. Her favorite food is cake and cupcakes.

Jaleah is the youngest at 2-years-old. She is a happy, healthy toddler. She has already mastered potty training and has also been buckling herself into her car seat for about six months.

She learns easily and is very active and outgoing.

All three of these sisters, along with their brother Torian, hope to find a forever family to help them grow while showing them the gift of love.

If you'd like to know more about Tiesha, Tay'una, Jaleah, and Torian, call our Gift of Love hotline at 1-888-kids-275.

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