Nacogdoches sheriff investigating 3 arsons in Cushing area

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Three Cushing-area fires over two different weekends, the latest overnight Saturday, has the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office suspecting work of an arsonist.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss said all three fires have been set with an accelerant and are within a two-mile radius. Also, all three have been in house that are unoccupied.

"The last one was for sale," Kerss said. "They're decent houses. Not like they're run-down shacks."

Two of the houses were on FM 225, between Cushing and Looneyville. The third was on a county road off of FM 225.

Kerss said the sheriff's office is investigating leads in the case, but has not named suspects.

"We do have some potential suspect descriptors of vehicles in the area," he said.

"At night time you can't sleep," neighborhood resident Terry Parker said. "You don't know who is going to sneak in your house or sneak behind your house or whatever."

"What's scary is you don't know where he's going to strike or when they're going to strike," neighborhood resident Diane Matthews said. "We just hope they get caught soon."

"We are pretty convinced that it must be someone that is familiar with that area to have located those three residences in that close proximity and known that those three residences were vacant at the time that they struck," Kerss said.

Although no one was in any of the burned buildings, residents are still worried they could be next.

"There's always reason for concern and especially when you have a pattern of criminal activity taking place in a certain area, even though the three houses that were targeted were all vacant at the time, there's always the chance that the next one may not be," Kerss said.

"This is not fun and games," Kerss said. "This is not something to amuse yourself with. It is dangerous, it is criminal, and it is going to put you in prison for a very long time when we catch you and we will."

For now, residents are keeping a watchful eye out for whoever is terrorizing their neighborhood.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for two of the three arsons.

If you have any information on the fires, contact the sheriff's office or Crimestoppers at 560-INFO.

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