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Proud of East Texas: Matthew McConaughey

By Joan Hallmark

From his defense attorney role in "A Time to Kill" in 1996 to "The Lincoln Lawyer" in 2011, Longview native Matthew McConaughey has found playing lawyers to be very good for his career.

Ironically, McConaughey had planned on studying law at the University of Texas until he was bitten by the film bug.

After only a handful of movie bit parts, McConaughey got his big break in the film adaptation of John Grisham's novel "A Time to Kill." It was in large part due to Grisham's influence that McConaughey was cast for the part.

For McConaughey, it was role of a lifetime.

He even chose to share the premiere of the movie in his home town of Longview. Boyhood friends who had become lawyers, sponsored the event.

It's probably true that McConaughey's classmates at Longview High School knew all along he was star material. They voted him most handsome boy his senior year.

After "A Time to Kill" was released, movie goers thought so, too.

While Sandra Bullock was McConaughey's leading lady in the film, Academy Award Winner Jodie Foster and other high profile stars soon followed.

McConaughey lives with his girlfriend and two children in homes in Austin and Malibu.

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