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Attackers tattoo 'rapest' on man's forehead

Stetson Johnson explains being attacked by a girl he meet on MySpace. (Source: KOCO/CNN) Stetson Johnson explains being attacked by a girl he meet on MySpace. (Source: KOCO/CNN)

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOCO/CNN) - Police in Oklahoma say a man was beaten, shocked with a taser and left for dead, but before his tormentors allegedly ditched him, they tattooed the word "rapest" on his head.

Stetson Johnson said he met a girl online and now he is lucky to be alive.

"I called her, talked to her and met her on MySpace," he said.

Johnson says the girl invited him over to hang out with friends but the night turned into something scary.

"It's all fractured from this side of my face all the way down to here. Little boys but they couldn't spell it right," Johnson said. "Both the females. They both tased my genitals."

Johnson said he remembered four people holding him down, tattooing his forehead and using a taser on him. He said they brought him to a lake and hit him so hard he blacked out.

"That's when they hit me with a baseball bat on the top of the head. I woke up two hours later," Johnson said. "Didn't know where I was. Didn't know what was going on. I thought I was going to die if I didn't get up."

Police arrested four people and seized tattoo guns, needles and ink.

Johnson got a new tattoo on his head to cover the other one.

"It's better than having that on my head. I think it's pretty messed up what they did," he said. "I think it's wrong I think they should get attempted murder. They almost killed me. The doctor said if they would've hit me any harder they would've killed me."

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