Non-Profit Telemarketers Safe From Call Lists

Students working the phones may not be what comes to mind when you think of budgeting for Stephen F. Austin State University. But the work done by these students helps pay for a lot of bills on campus.

"I don't know the exact figures, but I've been told that one-third of the funds needed comes from private donors, and we carry the lion's share," said April Camden, SFA Telemarketing Program Supervisor.

In fact, the "Phone Jacks", as they're called, raised more than 224,000 dollars for the university last year alone. They and other non-profit groups are pleased that they won't be cut off by a national do not call list. For organizations like the Nacogdoches Evening Lions Club, that's good news.

"I think everyone had a pretty good understanding of how it was going to work," said Les Littleton, Treasurer of the Nacogdoches Evening Lions Club. "We knew that 501C corporations were going to be exempt and that it wouldn't effect our fundraising efforts through phone solicitation."

Both Camden and Littleton say they haven't had too many people complain about their calls. But they understand that not everyone wants to hear from them.

"We'll take them off the list if they ask. We get the same calls they do, and we don't like dealing with them either, so we understand."